1972 Dodge Challenger

My first baby

1972 Dodge Challenger Project

This is my 1972 Challenger that I have owned and driven since 1978. I bought it in Denver, Co while in tech school at Lowry AFB. The car was an everyday driver until 1996, and at one time had two car seats in the back. When we stopped driving it, the car had 398,000 miles on it. When I bought it there was 63,000 on the clock, and a 340 automatic under the hood. The lions share of the mileage was from a 440 out of a 1976 New Yorker.

Inside after the strip down and repaint

Still as original as can be preserved

The car still has lots of original parts, other than the roll cage that I installed myself. I am close to the end of almost 10 year project rebuilding the whole car. Its rustoleum white, inside, underneath, and on the outside, mostly to preserve it until I paint it. Originally it was medium green metallic, but I have a 2010 Challenger in dark blue and may decide to make them match.

The new 0.040 over 440 has barked to life a bit, but at that time the cooling system was not on line so we only ran it enough to get the timing close. Cooling system, fuel system and electrical are now very close, and life may erupt from the pipes soon. I will get some newer, more current pictures on here soon. Keep coming back!


Enjoy some images while I get back to work on the rebuild!

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