Our Mission:

“To aid in the Propagation of Knowledge in an open and understandable way to help any individual or group that is attempting to repair, preserve, build or modify anything structural, mechanical, and electronic, of unique design, historic value, or that has social or cultural significance.”





Our Goal:

We want to start a working museum that keeps itself afloat by building projects and then generate revenue by displaying, using, and in some cases selling those projects or potential projects we can not do justice to.


Our Future Success

For this organization to succeed, it will take a lot of people, input and donations, and I thank everyone who has given so far, and all who will in the future.

After the New Year starts we begin work towards a legal 501(c)3 so your donations will be tax deductible. I will start to publish the future by laws, and incorporation process in a thread/project for any other persons trying to do something similar.

Thank You,

– John Rodney


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