The Rodney Brothers Mechanical Conservatorium

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What is the RBMC?

The concept of the RBMC has been tossed around between the Rodney brothers and friends for a while, but is still in progress of becoming a reality. Our overall goal is to build a solid non-profit organization around conservation and education of all things mechanical. The Rodney brothers John Rodney and Joe Rodney have been long time hobby mechanics with special interest in Cars, Trucks, Trains, and Airplanes. Through the years of hobby experience they have gained a vast knowledge of many types of mechanical interests. Joe has a full size train in his backyard with tracks he laid himself and that runs with a slant 6 Dodge engine just to give you an idea. John has a 2/3 size replica of a spitfire airplane in his front yard and many restoration projects from a 1938 Nash to a 1972 Dodge Challenger (which was his first car).

A Drive to Educate

Being just hobby mechanics though a passion wasn’t quite enough. Not only did they want to share their projects with others, but they wanted to make sure the knowledge was passed on and became a source of education for the future generations. With a passion of teaching and restoring history they forged forward in a quest to create the RMBC a great organization for all things mechanical. The conservatorium really reflects their overall intent to conserve history and make sure that it lasts into future generations. Ultimately it would be a dream if they could help impact others just starting off in the same fields of interests and hobbies as well as collaborating with other like minded individuals across the globe.

Enjoy Your Stay

So please kick off your work boots, sit back in your chair and have a look around the beginnings of the RBMC. If you are interested in any of the projects that you see, would like to collaborate on future projects, or just looking for some advice on one of your new projects please feel free to post in the forums and let us know what you think. We hope your enjoy your stay, and your wrenches glide true.