MegaCab Army Truck

The Megacab Army Truck

Who needs a roof anyways?

The mission

Well, Brother Joe and friends are into a cool one. How about an extended cab 5 ton army truck, for Saturday night cruising!  All it takes is an army truck, extra cab, a steel cutting circular saw, a welder, friends, and inspiration!

First round of mock up.
The beam in the ceiling has an 8 ft clearance.
Boy, that thing is gonna be tall!
Setting the donor cab on the chassis for fitting
Cab Gets Trimmed Down

Ok project Megacab update!

I have been working 6 days a week and have been fighting a brutal winter but we should be back on it Sunday! We have the drive shaft with carrier bearing finished, airbags with hardware, new rear cab mount and a ton of steel! The bed has had 4’6″ removed from the center and looks factory! The floor has been removed and the front was spread 16 ” to remove the taper and match the cabs! Hope you enjoy the pictures! – Joe

Driving in the trimmed original cab.
Clean and mean
Joe and more cab parts. Just a big puzzle at this point.
Moe, the cab roof and the garage door have a discussion.
This gives you an idea of how tall it is. that is the top of a 12 ft door Joe has to work around.
Cab end and getting ready to fit some floor and mounts to the frame

Chopping  the bed down

Bed fabrication.  Shortening the original bed, but also retaining all the fold down sides, so its trim away the hardware, clean them, and all the rust you find.

The original hardware re-installed on the 2 ft shorter bed

Wonder what will get done this weekend?

Great build so far!  Thanks for sharing it with us

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