Joe’s Megarod Project.

This is MEGAROD!

Fit for an everyday driver!

Oh just your typical summer vacation.

This project, like many, was engineered by Joe and myself. It could also be called what my grandson Aaron and Joe and I did for our summer vacation. We did the conversion from a running, driving American LaFrance fire truck to a running, driving MEGAROD in 5 days! The engine is a blown 6-71 Detroit diesel, with the craziest shift pattern you have ever seen.

We removed the cab from the front, controls and all, and centered the front wheel wells over the rear axle. There are super single 22 inch tires with 2 feet wide tread in the rear and as low pro as you can get for a 2 ton truck on the front, all on Alcos. The cab originally had the engine inside it under a big dog house in the center, which we removed and replaced with a tread plate floor. Plans are for horse shoe shaped limo seating behind two big buckets up front.

It runs and drives great, steers easily enough that we elected to omit the power steering, and with Brother Joe behind the stick, will haul butt real well, while sounding amazingly vicious. A cowl, grill, and hood assembly are in the design stages that will give it about an 8 foot long nose. The drive shaft is about 6 foot long, as is the steering drag link. When you walk up to it, and realize it stands 8 feet tall at the roof, you will know why we named him MEGAROD!!!

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