My doctor gave me this!


Its a 1958 W500 Dodge Army Fire Truck with a HOWE bed and a rare Power Giant cab. Plans are to resto him to good usable parade condition.

The truck has only a bit over 13,000 miles on it, but 3600 hours (that’s a lot) on it based upon the hours meter. DSC_0106

We want to some super single military tires on it like the newer military trucks are using and lose the 20 inch split rim widow makers. It has a 318 polyblock that need some loving right how. A rocker arm is eaten on the bottom the shape of the top of the valve, and is dangerously close to the keeper. This would be a great learning project for someone who want to learn engines. I will be throwing a rebuild kit in the engine, redoing the heads, and upgrading to an electronic ignition.

DSC_0111 DSC_0113

This is Old Blue, a 1964 D500 Dodge truck Hopefully it will yield up the used parts needed for that repair. Old Blue really should be turned into a 2 ton rat rod, which would be a fun project, but that’s a whole other page.

DSC_0105 The tail lights are actually glass, and the chrome bright work will most likely clean up nicely jr