1936 Plymouth Locomotive

Brother Joe saved this engine from the scrap heap!

A mopar locomotive!

This little guy is a 40 ton locomotive once powered by a 2000 cu in LeRoi V8!!! Brother Joe made a deal and had it hauled home. Then over the process of a winter, joe and john engineered a cradle that dropped into where the giant V8 was. On this skid was a Dodge 225 slant 6 with its 3 speed automatic transmission. An adapter to go from the output of the Dodge tranny to the input of where the clutch in the locomotive was. and Voilla!!

A running train for your yard.

How cool is that!! now spend a few summers laying track, then landscaping it into a nice lawn so you don’t see the track, give mr locomotive a caboose to pull around, some grade crossings, with gate, and you have joe’s place. Usually a fresh splash of gas and the engine is always up for a ride.

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